Here’s how I do business.

I work fast because I like to get things done and I like to get paid. More-complex jobs naturally take longer than shorter ones; having said this, I generally produce a finished image within a few weeks.

I charge per hour, which means that minor revisions are affordable and you can economically provide clients with a series of revised images if necessary. Stylized illustrations take less time than images with detailed textures and lighting, and integration into a photograph is optional. (Note that you can easily upgrade to a higher level of detail without my having to start over.)

I am highly skilled at converting 2D plans (detailed front, side, and top views are ALL required!) into 3D models; this process goes fastest when you have made sure that these different views completely agree with each other, and that you have provided enough data that I do not need to take time attempting to fill in missing details.

The more photos you can provide of the complete space in which the instrument is to be shown, the better; these help me build an accurate lighting model that increases the realism of the completed image. While I can use cell-phone photos, images taken with care by a professional camera will allow me to produce far better results. (In order to ensure a realistic appearance, I must reduce the model’s image quality to match that of the photo into which it is being inserted!)

I will email my completed work to you along with an invoice (please note that I expect payment within 14 days). I reserve the right to use submitted and final images to promote my services (although I do refrain from sharing images until after the proposal for which they were made is accepted or rejected).

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